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JSON structure

  1. Access the JSON File: Locate the settings.json file inside your plugin’s ZIP folder. Extract the ZIP file and navigate to the json directory to find it.
  2. Understand the Structure: The JSON consists of different sections representing settings groups, such as google_settings. Each section contains:
    • A title
    • An option group
    • An option name
    • Fields with labels and types
  3. Edit Fields: You can add or modify fields within each section. For example:jsonCopy code"aif_new_field": { "label": "New Field", "type": "text" }
  4. Add New Sections: Duplicate an existing section and modify the title, option group, and fields to create a new settings tab.
  5. Save Changes: After making your edits, save the settings.json file.
  6. Re-zip and Install: Compress your plugin directory back into a ZIP file and upload it to WordPress.

Always backup the original settings.json file before making changes. This documentation allows anyone to customize their plugin’s settings after downloading the initial version.

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